Star Cast With TVXQ! – “Something About The Waiting Room” [EXCLUSIVE]

“Nobody will probably know?”…TVXQ!, ‘Something’ about the waiting room.


Hello. We are TVXQ!. Did you guys enjoy our comeback stage in New Year? From January 3rd to 5th, we have finished all of the performances on the ground wave music broadcast show of 3 broadcasting companies.

The title song ‘Something’ is a song in which TVXQ! tried the swing for the first time and ‘Ten’ was a song that celebrated the 10th anniversary of TVXQ!.

It has been a year and four months to go up on the stage in Korea with a name of TVXQ!. It was still exciting to see the stage in which we headed again to in such a long time. Because we have prepared with lots of efforts, there were also considerable amount of nervousness. I am guessing the fans were also thinking the same thing, right?

So, we have prepared. For people who still could not realize that we made a comeback, we will reveal the waiting room of the comeback broadcast. We hope you guys can ‘catch’ TVXQ!’s different kinds of charm that could not be seen on shows. U-Know and MAX will each be introducing, respectively.

January 3rd, KBS-2TV ‘Music Bank’


The first one is MAX. Right here is the waiting room of ‘Music Bank’. ‘Dispatch’ even saw us on our way to work. The first thing I did upon arriving at the broadcast station was to stick a ‘hair pin’ into my hair. The man with a hair pin, it is first time ever seeing me like this, right? Are you asking me why I have the pin?


Ta~da. It was for this hair style. The song ‘Something’ is a swing genre and to match the genre, I have prepared a wave hair style. You can see the wave that was made one by one, right? Because I put pins on my hair, the volume of the hair was also upgraded.


U-Know is also double-checking his hair. The stylist was styling his hair with effort. Contrasting from me, U-Know put his front hair to one side. Because of his hair that was coolly put to one side, his sharp chin is so awesome~ so awesome!


It is right before going into a rehearsal. Before going up on the stage, U-Know is drinking the water. I thought I was the only one nervous, but I guess he was also nervous. But, even him drinking water looks like a model on the magazine, right? Is that only in my view? Yeah, just call me ‘So into U-Know’.


It is us double-checking right after the rehearsal. Both ‘Something’ and ‘Ten’ has dance moves that make use of the props so we have to put much more care. With U-Know, I have checked the rehearsal with the eyes of a hawk. Fortunately, the rehearsal was successfully done~ I guess I am no doubt a stage-type person.


This was us at the waiting room of ‘Music Bank’ so far. Did you guys like it? The truth was that it was our first comeback stage so our body and minds were both so busy. For that reason, there are not that many pictures. Because we thought this is not enough, we are adding one more picture.

January 4th, MBC-TV ‘Show! Music Core


Hello. U-Know is up next. I am going to introduce the waiting room of ‘Show! Music Core’. Since it was our second comeback stage, we were much more relaxed than we were on the first day. Even then, we practiced again, again and again looking at the mirror. TVXQ! have to be always perfect.


I guess we practiced way too much before going up on the stage. I fell asleep while talking with MAX on the sofa. The staff member happened to take a picture of it~ It was only for a short time, but still was a good sleep. But, the facial expression of MAX is too realistic. I am sorry MAX.


I guess good sleep is no doubt a good sleep. We headed toward the stage. The staff members stretched out their hands and cheered for us. They shouted ‘Go, TVXQ!’ and ‘TVXQ! is the best’ from all over the place. I came to have more energy after upon getting cheers from the staff members.


We have successfully finished a comeback stage on ‘Show! Music Core’. After finishing the performance of ‘Ten’, I called MAX and took a picture together. With the performance without any mistakes, the cheers from the fans were also at its highest. My heart was almost pumping even after coming to the waiting room. You guys can see how we feel just by looking at our facial expressions, right?



The next stage is ‘Something’. MAX changed into a black suit. When looking at this picture, MAX is all grown-up now. He was only a younger brother in my eyes, but he is now a typical man. What do you guys think?

January 5th SBS-TV ‘Popular Music’


It is MAX again. Right here is the site of ‘Popular Music’, which was our final comeback stage. On this day, special guests made a visit to the waiting room. They are the hottest trend idol ‘EXO’. They are also the singers from our agency. Just like their heartwarming looks, they are young men with warm minds.


LUHAN and XIUMIN have turned into our fan club ‘Cassiopeia’. Them holding the red balloon, isn’t it so cute? Moreover, they were waving the balloons so hard that because of them, we got more energy. Thank you, EXO~


Also, with SUHO, who is the leader of ‘EXO’, the picture of the two was taken. Is it the so-called ‘Rare item’? Before going up on ‘Something’ stage, he came quietly and cheered. We talked about this and that using the free time. Chatting~ is no doubt ‘the best’ in reducing the nervousness (Kim Goora ver).


Meanwhile, U-Know was busy chatting with CHEN. It is said that CHEN is ‘beagle’ member in EXO, right? However, this day was an exception. He was relatively shy in front of U-Know. He was really happy like a kid when U-Know tapped on his back.

Then, should we look at the stage of ‘Something’ in which TVXQ! went up after getting cheers from ‘EXO’? We promise to show much better performances in the future also. We will always be trying hard and so, will become TVXQ! who is upgraded every time. Please cheer for us~


“She got that something”


“The attention that are always on me”


“It is uncomfortable, but what can we do. It was always like this”


“True to the name, TVXQ!”

Written by TVXQ!
Edited by Kim Suji (Dispatch)
Pictures SM Entertainment

This article originally published at Naver here.

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