Let’s Go: Cafe J Holic [TRAVEL]

Cafe J Holic is located on the third and fourth floor at 54-6 Myeongdong 2-ga, Chung-gu, Seoul, Korea. It’s about 5 to 10 minutes walking distance after exiting Myeongdong Station Line No.4 Exit 6.


Two most notable shops to spot nearby Cafe J Holic would be the Levi’s store next two shops to MAG N MAG, and Guess clothing store at the corner end; both which are located in the same row as Cafe J Holic.




Since Cafe J Holic is on the third and fourth floor, you would have to enter MAG N MAG store to proceed upstairs. If you’re in doubt whether you’re in the right place, there are certain posters and signs pointing the direction to Cafe J Holic in MAG N MAG.



Once you reach the second floor, you’ll see a huge white light box with Cafe J Holic’s logo imprinted on it. Proceed one more floor and you’ll reach the first floor of Cafe J Holic. There were many flowers sent to the cafe from many people and fan sites for the grand opening.



The main colour design for the interior of the cafe is yellow, black and white. With yellow as the tables and certain part of the wall, it’s very relaxing to enjoy a cup of hot coffee especially during the winter.







The gents and ladies washrooms are located in between the third and fourth floor. Unlike Coffee Cojjee, these washrooms are smaller. Gents are labelled as Jonny at the right-end while ladies as Jenny at the left-end.



The counter and pick-up area are on the third floor. Merchandise and goods section are placed next to the counter. There are only two counters and the menu is set above the counters for easy viewing.



In Cafe J Holic, they do sell cakes and also bottled drinks.


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Oh look! There’s also a mini Brownie spotted at the pick-up area! The drinks other than bottled are sold in takeaway cups with top black cover and coffee seeds around them.



A TV monitor is hung from the ceiling just beside part of a wall which displays an animation of the local time in Korea.


Since the counter and pick-up area is rather small, they place only two set of tables in front of them while the rest are in another room. Over at the merchandise corner, there are some Cafe J Holic’s signature chocolates, mugs, drinking glasses and tumblers sold. New goods are updated and displayed over a period of time.




Heading upstairs, there are four different open rooms mainly the smoking area, JJ room, JH room and a meeting room. To the right after up the stairs, it’ll be the JJ room and JH room.




To the left after the stairs would be a small meeting room and a smoking area with an open rooftop. The tables and seats used in the smoking room are rather different since they look modern and the tables are attached directly to the wall while leaving a big space in the middle.



For your reference, we have prepared a floor plan specially for our readers showing the third and fourth floor of Cafe J Holic, and a map showing the location of the cafe in Myeongdong.



One of the most memorable things to bring back home would be the receipts given together with transparent sheets of plastics with Jaejoong’s signature imprinted on the bottom right.


Cafe J Holic opens from 11:00AM till 10:00PM KST and there’s a Wi-Fi service available in the compound.

[Article written and photos courtesy of Douglas from All About Cassiopeia. Any copying, republication or redistribution content other than for personal uses is expressly prohibited.]

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