‘MIROTIC’ Cafe Now Under The Skies Of Canada

Canadian TVXQ! fans living in Southern Ontario now have something new to look forward to.


On Saturday, December 7, a new cafe in the greater Toronto area, Markham opened up with the name of ‘MIROTIC’. As many people would know, MIROTIC is the name of TVXQ!’s most presumably renowned song back in 2008. It came as a surprise that a new cafe would be opening up and sharing the same name as the band’s song but once the information sunk in, the excitement then began.

The cafe will be offering delicacies such as macaroons, waffles, cake, tea, coffee and to top it all off, there will be K-Pop music playing while you enjoy your food.



The owners of MIROTIC Canada also personally stated, “Yes, the name came from TVXQ!’s song directly!” The store owners are Asian and love the group too. They continued, “We love K-Pop and a variety of artists! The definition of the word “Mirotic” is very interesting. Feeling being wrapped in a love without a way out! Love the word and love the meaning too!”


Besides MIROTIC Canada that carries the song title from TVXQ!, Cassiopeia Riverside, a cafe restaurant located in Labuan, Malaysia also shows its inspiration from the boyband.

MIROTIC Canada is located at 109-30 Gibson Dr, Markham Ontario.

Photos courtesy of MIROTIC Canada

This article originally published at TVXQ Canada here.

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