Always Keep The Faith: #11 Kiss The Baby Sky [EDITORIAL]


You know who I’m talking about. 😉

Park YuCheon, you cutie man.
This man is full of emotions, I love him for his passion for things he does.
Surprisingly he’s the last to enter my heart.

He is just like the other members, responsible for the ovaries explosions of the fans all over the world.
What really caught me was his smile. None of the members of DB5K, I repeat, NONE of the members can smile like him. I know every member is different, but he emits the warmest glow I’ve ever seen on somebody’s face.
I don’t know about other people, but I prefer smiles with teeth seen. He should win an award just by smiling!


You see this bright smile? It’s the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen on a man. I hope all the guys would stop acting cool and just let go of their heart and SMILE LIKE HIM!
The eyes the cheeks the teeth everything seems to look extra fine when he’s smiling.

When he smiles, in the pictures at least, it brightens up the whole picture, and making me feel like everyone in the picture is happy.


Of course, this man cries a lot, too..


All of you must have known this moment, it’s just so well-known among Cassiopeia.
It was the song Proud, during their concert at Budokan, Japan.
Ever since this very moment, it reminds me of the hardships they’ve been through every time I listen to Proud.
According to what I’ve heard of, being able to perform at Budokan is more than just a “great” success for Koreans/foreigners.
I don’t know if other K-Pop artists performed at Budokan after DB5K, but, as a Cassiopeia speaking, I personally think that DB5K opened up a wider path for K-Pop in Japan. Everything I saw related to K-Pop and Japan, I would really think about “if it isn’t because of DB5K”. (I hope I’m not offending anyone by this point)

Honest time.
I didn’t like Yucheon back then. Because of his hair. He had long hair, I didn’t like him because i think it didn’t suit him.


However, it totally surprised me when he came up with this ultra short hair during Five In The Black.


I couldn’t find a good solo photo of this hair i__i but recently he’s back to this hairstyle, even shorter. me likey 😉

Other than his noodle hairstyle which I dislike (I’m okay with it now, starting to accept how he used to look like), I find his English pronunciation weird. I would talk about this until this point and not elaborate because criticizing isn’t good and isn’t right at all since my English isn’t perfect either.

Actually, that’s all about what I didn’t really like about him.
There are still SO MANY things I love about him.

His talent for music composing. The members have been contributing to their own songs these years, nothing can beat Yucheon’s self-composed songs. Kiss The Baby Sky, Fox Rain, Love Bye Love, and a duo-work with Jaejoong for Kiss Shitta Mama, Sayonara. THESE, are my FAVORITE songs. It seems like not many Cassies would choose these as their favorites, but for me, aside from their other songs, I appreciate participation of the boys in songs, A LOT. If I had to compare him with Jaejoong, I would vote for Yucheon, even though Jaejoong is my bias.

And all the Cassies know that he plays the piano, my MOST favorite performance of him was his Love Bye Love piano solo during MIROTIC Concert.


Everything was perfect!! From the fashion to the emotions, nothing was left out.
I was so moved by this performance, really wanted to tell him “Good job, and thank you.”.

Apart from his charismatic side, HOW CAN WE FORGET ABOUT CHUNFACE.

Most of his photos I’ve saved are his chunface. THE ONLY CHUNFACE IN THE WORLD.










and finally, this is the best chunface ever!



I love him for who he is, and who he wants to be. I love him because he expressed his feelings be it through shows or through songs. I love him because he’s the only one who can do chunface (pls throw me out hahahahhahahahahahhaha).

A man shouldn’t be afraid of expressing his emotions, he’d be afraid when he couldn’t express it.

*There are still so many things I want to talk about him, but it’s getting a tad bit lengthy due to the number of pictures I shared above. Heehee hope you’ve enjoyed this post! 😀

[Article written by Roxanne from All About Cassiopeia. Any copying, republication or redistribution of this content other than for personal use is expressly prohibited.]

This article originally published at I’ll Keep Walking here.

One thought on “Always Keep The Faith: #11 Kiss The Baby Sky [EDITORIAL]

  1. I also love Yoochun’s smiles. I find that he expresses his true feelings through his reactions. I can’t explain well but he is always the first to break out in laughter in reacting to others’ jokes. He seems to be a warm person though he hasn’t shown it a lot lately (Or because I’m slow with news??!!). However he tries to hide it, you will sometimes see his natural reactions shine through.

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