JYJ’s Jaejoong Reviews Songs from His ‘WWW :: Who When Why’ Album

With his return with a first full-length album entitled, WWW :: Who When Why, JYJ’s Jaejoong has managed to top the iTunes and domestic charts with songs of different genres. Amidst his return to the music industry, Naver Music recently published a special article featuring the story behind his album production and also his reviews on each 13 tracks from the album.

Without further ado, check out Jaejoong’s album description after the jump!


Track 01 :: 빛 (Light)
I really used metaphorical and poetic expressions for its lyrics. A man, who lost his sincere love, starts dating another girl but soon he realizes it’s useless. While enduring the pain of separation, he is not satisfied with the new love and misses his sincere love. The delicate lyrics that sings “Above the sky I need more stars, it cannot be brightened by a light like you” and bold sound make superb balance in the song.

Track 02 :: Don’t Walk Away (Feat. Yong Junhyung Of Beast)
This is a song that offers a hand to a girl, who lacks of confidence. I think the song fits well with the lyrics because it is a cheerful rock-tinged with dance tune. Just like “I can’t send you off, follow me,” I tried to make voice with confidence, so what do you think? ^^


Track 03 :: Just Another Girl
It’s like a warning from a man to a girl, who is leaving him. To the girl who is acting too badly and too severely, the man finally shows his anger. The voice is smeared with anger. I used powerful vocalization as if I was expressing the anger. Intense beat, pop melody, vocals with full of emotion, everything is perfect in this song.

Track 04 :: Butterfly
Butterfly is originally the symbol of beauty. In this song, butterfly represents the people, who falls for sweet things and cannot distinguish between sincere things. I put earnest desire to find the white pure soul by the pour of rain, from the intense sound.

Track 05 :: Rotten Love
People, whoever they are, have their own ‘fantasy’ to live with, but I thought sometimes fantasy can be expressed as a stereotype. If you have dreamed about it desperately for a long time, it’s no more a dream but a stereotype. This song matches with such situation that it’s better to leave fantasies as it is than to bring it out into the reality because no one can control one’s reality. I mixed sensitive vocals and lyrics with a kind of rough guitar and drum and the title. The beauty of contradictory!


Track 06 :: 햇살 좋은 날 (Sunny Day) (Feat. Lee Sanggon of Noel)
This is a duet song with, which is a warm emotional ballad Lee Sanggon sunbae-nim from Noel. This is the first song that has been revealed in the entire regular album. It is also the first song that was talked about, to which everyone says “Man-to-man chemi (chemi between two men)” is good! (T/N: Chemi is the shorthand of Chemistry as in emotional interaction.) This song contains the heart of a man, who misses the woman who left him, so it is lonely yet a warming song.

Track 07 :: Let The Rhythm Flow
This song is sang, when the love is in its most perfect and intense stage if we discuss love as process. What we love can never obstruct us, and everything in the world exists for our love. Even the cloud and the wind are on our side.. Isn’t it too beautiful? If you are a couple who is in love right now. I think it will do good for you if you listen to it on the Cafe Terrace and hold each others’ hands on a sunny day.

Track 08 :: 그랬지 (It Was Like That)
This is my composition. I wrote the lyrics as it is and completed it. The melody and the lyrics, they are all the most honest. I wasn’t ready for a separation but a girl all in the sudden announces the separation to me. But I still keep saying, “Look into my eyes, even if you hate, hold my two hands” and keep trying to persuade her. It’s a sad song whenever I hear it.

Track 09 :: Now Is Good
While the acquaintance of Yoon Dohyun Sunbae-nim was talking, he mentioned the movie Now Is Good. This is the song that Sunbae-nim wrote while listening to the story. So beautiful, right? I sang it as Sunbae-nim directed me to, calmly but warmly, as if I am telling a story.

Track 10 :: 9+1#
This is a song that I express anger towards a girl who faked real love. The genre is called Emo core that the melody is really intense but through the lyrics, I expressed my emotion.


Track 11 :: Luvholic (Feat. Ha Dongkyun)
For this song, I enjoyed the collaboration with Ha Dongkyun Sunbae-nim. Ha Dongkyun Sunbae-nim said that he sang a quick-rhythmic song for the first time since his debut because of me. It is an honor for me! We both sing the song one phrase each and fill the song without any gaps even one beat. I think it is an extremely unique song when it came out because Sunbae-nim and I also used a new way of vocalization.

Track 12 :: Modem Beat
This song is more meaningful because it was given by Takuro-san from Glay. I directly translated the lyrics to Korean that Takuro-san has written. This is a song that sounds like “We are in love now~~” as if they are boasting about it. The melody, beats, and lyrics are so exciting and I felt excited when I was recording it. I didn’t know the time went by quickly when I was recording. I directly suggested ideas for the chorus if this would be better, or that would be better and recorded cheerfully. Even the staff members who were together were also excited and moved their bodies up and down, listening to it with joy!

Track 13 :: Paradise
I decided to write this song to be an outro. If you look closely, I took each phrase from the lyrics and wrote to make a new song. It’s a funny outro. “Don’t leave but stay by me. I’m your heaven and paradise” Is this the word for you?!^^;;

Primary author by Kim Jae Joong
Photos courtesy of C-JeS Entertainment

[Article content is translated by Judith from All About Cassiopeia. Any copying, republication or redistribution content other than for personal uses is expressly prohibited.]

This article originally published at Naver here.

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