Always Keep the Faith: #10 Holding Back the Tears [EDITORIAL]

My first few variety shows of TVXQ (I can’t remember which one comes first because I watched them all around the same time back in 2006/7) are Banjun Theatre, X-man and Happy Together. These are also my first ever Korean variety shows and honestly, I didn’t really understand them, yes I watched them with subtitles.

The one which I love the most was the tongue twister session from Banjun Theatre. I repeated the same clip over and over again because I’ve never seen them doing such things.
Not to forget The King’s Man parody from Banjun. 😀 When Jaejoong had to wear a hanbok as the queen and tripped the king. When Changmin had to blow off the candles with only one side of the nostrils. When Junsu had to keep on changing his clothes because of the NGs.. XD

After these older variety shows, I started to watch A LOT of their MVs, repeating countless times. I even had to watch them before I sleep! And around their Balloons era, I’ve only come to know about All About DBSK 2 and then 1. Watched them all, LOVE THEM ALL. Too bad I still couldn’t get to watch the third one 😦
I love the Bonjour Paris the most. The duration of the clip is SO long yet I still managed to watch it soo many times. It’s because I love seeing them having fun together, and it feels like I’m also having a vacation with them!

Then it proceeds to their OWN variety show. Their Q&A session with Junsu’s Eukyangkyang, and the cooking competition.. Oh my god the memories i__i

Nowadays when I re-watch their shows, I could understand much better than last time. I guess the effort I put into Korean language totally worth it. I could understand the jokes, the stuff they’re describing (because sometimes the subs aren’t 100% correct, forgive the subbers, they are human too!), not to forget, the feeling of understanding the emotions they expressed. :’)

I didn’t wanna forget the happy moments we all had together..

Now I’ll let you enjoy the pictures 😀

Bonjour Paris (I think this pic of Junsu and Yunho is really cute I had to post it XD )

Bonjour Paris (I think this pic of Junsu and Yunho is really cute I had to post it XD )

Bonjour Paris

Bonjour Paris

In Saipan

In Saipan

The King's Man parody

The King’s Man parody

Always keep the faith!

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