The Story Behind: TVXQ! LIVE WORLD TOUR “Catch Me” [EDITORIAL]

Each concert brings a very meaningful theme to show what the concert is actually about. TVXQ! LIVE WORLD TOUR “Catch Me” is the fourth concert tour and the first ever world tour concert being carried out starting last year 2012.

Every introductory video or simply known as the ‘opening sequence’ in concerts brings a meaning before the performances are shown.

In this concert, the introductory sequence could probably be theorized and depicted as ‘Gods Rising from the East’. In every concert held by TVXQ! since 2006, all opening sequences show TVXQ! will either arrive or land on Earth.

LIVE WORLD TOUR “Catch Me” starts off with a rainfall on Earth and pans out showing the Sun is dying and begins to lose its fire. The rain on Earth slows down and the raindrops freeze, turning into hail.


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