Always Keep the Faith: #9 You’re My Melody [EDITORIAL]

Here’s a little review on a song. 🙂

Whenever it comes to Cassiopeia, there will never be a very sure answer for their favorite song of DB5K.
The most answers I get are Mirotic, Bolero, Why Did I Fall in Love with You? or Love In The Ice.

All of the mentioned ones are my in my favorite list. But I think there is one song other Cassiopeia seldom mention about. ‘You’re My Melody‘.
I LOVE that song! When I started to really listen to Mirotic album, I thought this song was really good! It doesn’t matter if I’m having a good/bad mood, the song just suits my feeling incredibly well. ❤
Although the lyric is as though they are singing to ‘someone else’, but I feel like it is a conversation between Cassiopeia and DB5K.

It could go either way when it says “You’re My Melody”. It could mean that Cassies are telling that DB5K is our melody because they’ve always presented us good songs with amazing (AHH-MAE-ZZING!!!) harmony. Whenever we hear the name TVXQ we would definitely relate them to their songs. It could also mean that DB5K are telling Cassies that we are their melody because without each other we wouldn’t have existed.

The lyrics translation of the chorus is this:

You’re my melody
I’ll perform for you (on and on)
You are my song
The soundtrack in my life
I love you
You lighted the stage of my life
(I’ll sing it again) You’re my song

DB5K: You’re my melody, I’ll perform for you (on and on)
Cassies: You are my song, the soundtrack in my life. I love you.
DB5K: You lighted the stage of my life, I’ll sing it again.
Cassies: You are my song.

I’m not sure whether if it’s a coincidence, the song was named as “You’re My Melody”, I think the melody of the song is really good. It sounds simple, but when people try to sing (well, not many people tend to sing this song), it’ll be much harder than expected.

As we all know DB5K does harmonization in almost every song they have, definitely in this song too.
There is this constant overlapping of voices in every sentence, making the song sounding extra smooth. What I like about this song is, even though this is a medium paced song, their harmonization is very clear and works very well here. No matter how many times I listen to it, it just automatically gives me a magical feeling whenever a harmonization strikes!
*too bad they didn’t really perform this song live :/
I also have used this song as my ringtone since 2008. lol until now.

Do you like this song too? Any special feelings? Let me know! 😀


[Article written by Roxanne from All About Cassiopeia. Any copying, republication or redistribution of this content other than for personal use is expressly prohibited.]

This article originally published at I’ll Keep Walking here.

6 thoughts on “Always Keep the Faith: #9 You’re My Melody [EDITORIAL]

  1. It’s one of the first TVXQ’s song I totally fall in love with! Always there wahetever I want to listen ^^

  2. This song gave a deep impression for me as well :””)
    I even wrote about it in my blog, too, it was about what comes into my mind when i listened to couple of TVXQ songs..
    here is the link if u’re willing to see:

    Thinking of TVXQ brings us to sea of melodies, that’s why i used to love the boys 😀

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