Always Keep the Faith: #9 You’re My Melody [EDITORIAL]

Here’s a little review on a song. 🙂

Whenever it comes to Cassiopeia, there will never be a very sure answer for their favorite song of DB5K.
The most answers I get are Mirotic, Bolero, Why Did I Fall in Love with You? or Love In The Ice.

All of the mentioned ones are my in my favorite list. But I think there is one song other Cassiopeia seldom mention about. ‘You’re My Melody‘.
I LOVE that song! When I started to really listen to Mirotic album, I thought this song was really good! It doesn’t matter if I’m having a good/bad mood, the song just suits my feeling incredibly well. ❤
Although the lyric is as though they are singing to ‘someone else’, but I feel like it is a conversation between Cassiopeia and DB5K.

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