JPM Music Brings A Successful TVXQ! Roadshow in Malaysia

The fans of TVXQ!, Cassiopeia, gathered for the TVXQ! LIVE WORLD TOUR “Catch Me” in KUALA LUMPUR roadshow event, which was hosted by JPM Music, today in Tropicana City Mall here in Malaysia.


Event director of JP Music Sdn Bhd, Alicia Lo, told All About Cassiopeia that this roadshow was conducted to create hype among Cassiopeia and also to bring more fans to the concert. Through this roadshow, TVXQ! LIVE WORLD TOUR “Catch Me” in KUALA LUMPUR can be promoted.

I am amazed on how spontaneous the fans were when they registered themselves for the singing contest without any specific preparation.

―Alicia Lo, Event Director of JP Music Sdn Bhd

Alicia said, “I also want to thank Tropicana City Mall because they sponsored us for this roadshow even though the venue was almost full. And also thanks to Magnum for the sponsorship.” She added, “I am amazed on how spontaneous the fans were when they registered themselves for the singing contest without any specific preparation.”


The registration for the singing and dancing competition began at noon and fans flocked into the venue wearing their red attire.


The singing and dancing competition received the most attention as contestants performed captivating songs including Catch Me, Humanoids and MIROTIC.





Fans participated actively in the Q&A session and they brought home exciting goodies bags as well as official concert posters. The roadshow event further continued with a Lucky Draw session for the concert tickets as well as press conference passes!



Lucky winners for the concert’s press conference passes, Rui En and her sister have been a fan of TVXQ for five years and this will be their first time to attend this year’s concert. These VVIPs ticket holders started to notice the K-Pop wave and other K-Pop idols because of TVXQ back then.


One of the attendees of this event, Viki, feels very happy and excited to see both Changmin and Yunho after their six years comeback in Malaysia. Although she never get to attend the past concerts before the split-up, she managed to see them in the Asia Tour Fanmeeting in Singapore. Viki said, “When I heard that they are coming to Malaysia, I already know which ticket I’m going to purchase.”

JPM Music’s TVXQ! LIVE WORLD TOUR “Catch Me” in KUALA LUMPUR second roadshow will be held on May 12. Stay tuned to their Facebook page and Twitter for more details on the venue in the near future!



TVXQ! LIVE WORLD TOUR “Catch Me” in KUALA LUMPUR is set to be one of the most special-staged concerts in this tour, in a one-night concert in Malawati Indoor Stadium in Shah Alam, Selangor. This year, the concert will kick off on May 18th at 6:00PM and the duo, Changmin and Yunho, will be performing in Malaysia after six long years since their TVXQ! The 2nd Asia Tour Concert “O” in Kuala Lumpur before the split-up.

TVXQ! LIVE WORLD TOUR “Catch Me” in KUALA LUMPUR is presented by SM Entertainment, managed by DreamMaker Entertainment Limited, sponsored by Magnum and organized by JPM Music.

Special thanks to JPM Music for allowing us to cover this event!


東方神起的粉絲們,仙后,今天為了在馬來西亞Tropicana City Mall,JPM音樂所舉辦的東方神起Catch Me巡邏演唱會活動而聚集了起來。

Alicia Lo,JPM音樂的舉辦者,跟了All About Cassiopeia 說這次的活動是讓仙后們興奮起來,讓更多粉絲們被吸引去演唱會所舉辦的。這次的活動也可以宣傳東方神起的Catch Me馬來西亞演唱會。

Alicia 說:「我也要感謝Tropicana City Mall 。雖然場地已經客滿,他們還是讓我們辦這個活動。我也要感謝Magnum當贊助。」她還說:「許多粉絲們雖然都沒有準備,但還是參加了唱歌比賽。我真的好驚訝。」


比賽吸引了很多人。參賽者表演了許多歌曲,像Humanoids, Catch Me, 還有魔咒Mirotic。


幸運的勝利者,Rui En 和她的姊妹喜愛東方神起的時間已經有五年了,而這次是他們去演唱會的第一次。他們開始注意到韓流和韓國偶像也是因為東方神起。

其中參加了活動的Viki 說她非常高興在六年以後再次見到允浩和昌珉。雖然他在東方神起分開以前沒有去過他們的演唱會,但是她有在新加坡的fanmeeting見過了他們。她說:「當時聽到東方神起要來馬來西亞的時候,我已經知道要買哪一個票了。」

JPM 音樂的東方神起演唱會的第二個活動在五月十二號。請在Facebook 和Twitter 等活動的詳情,敬請期待!

東方神起Catch Me 巡邏演唱會—馬來西亞站是今天最特別的演唱會之一,在 Malawati Indoor Stadium, Shah Alam, Selangor 所舉辦。演唱會在五月十八號晚上六點開始,而是允浩和昌珉在東方神起的“O”演唱會的六年以後第一次在馬來西亞表演。

東方神起Catch Me 巡邏演唱會—馬來西亞站是SM Entertainment 所舉辦,DreamMaker Entertainment Limited 所管理,Magnum 所贊助,和JPM所創立。


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