Always Keep the Faith: #8 時ヲ止メテ Please Stop Time [EDITORIAL]

Last night I was busy doing screencaps with Jaejoong’s MINE MV, so I slept kinda late. Today my friends asked me why did I sleep so late since I have an 8am class this morning. I answered them, they ended up giving me a “look” for a second. I guess people who aren’t fangirls of any idols won’t understand this feeling.

Since they knew that I’m one of the admins in All About Cassiopeia (although they don’t know what this page is really about lol), they asked me how many likes are there for the page, how many likes for a post… It really depends, I told them.

“What do you get/benefit if you receive so many likes?”, they asked. I haven’t really thought about it before.
I guess it matters a lot to me. DB5K isn’t young anymore, they’re going to step into their 30’s. As for the number of fans, I guess it decreased due to the incident. Even though there are new fans coming in to support JaeChunSu and HoMin, they’re unlikely to support all five (this is my opinion, strictly speaking from my OWN point of view). Whenever I see the likes increasing for a five-member picture, there’s this warm fuzzy feeling ❤. It made me believe that many Cassiopeias are still keeping the faith. It’s like having close friends even though I don’t know the Cassiopeias from the internet.

I hope it’s not only me who thinks so, there was this sudden change of emotions, atmosphere and the feelings of all kinds of photos after the incident. Maybe I’m being sad or I don’t know what were HoMin told to do, they no longer smile. Their facial expression told me that they aren’t happy, at least not as happy as before.


Let’s not pretend that we know DB5K very well, we don’t know them in person, we can’t judge them.
The incident started years ago, we should learn to accept the current situation, and still keeping the faith.
Try to love all of them, one at a time, you will find out that every member of DB5K is equally important and strong. Thus you will end up loving them more.

DB5K works best as five, not individually, not in pairs, not in trios, but altogether. The chemistry they achieved (bromance lol) isn’t something which can be neglected, once bros always bros ya know!

All we need to do now, is wait.


Always, always keep the faith.

[Article written by Roxanne from All About Cassiopeia. Any copying, republication or redistribution of this content other than for personal use is expressly prohibited.]

This article originally published at I’ll Keep Walking here.

6 thoughts on “Always Keep the Faith: #8 時ヲ止メテ Please Stop Time [EDITORIAL]

  1. What this entry shared is totally same to me.

    Sometimes I mimic that says: “Always Keep The Faith – Hope To The End”. I do not know the “Always” that will last until how long, and “The End” would be when? I just know that in present I still love them. I’m still waiting for them. That’s it! ♥

  2. I love your entries. ❤ I wanted to tell you that there are indeed new fans who support all five! I just found DBSK about 6 months ago and I can't imagine picking a "side" to support, I love them all! I think they have a lot more fans than they know, worldwide. I will always be waiting for them. AKTF!

  3. Just knowing that they always work so hard no matter how their environment goes, make me happy.
    We’re proud of them, each of our kings :”)
    Thank you for managing this blog, buddy, because as you said, these kind of fanbases are the ones that cassies need to have a family-like feeling and keep the faith eternally ^__^

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