Always Keep the Faith: #7 Checkmate [EDITORIAL]


Yunho, I respect him. I liked him, I loved him, now I respect him.

I know in everyone’s opinion, the title of “The Best Leader” is different. But to me, the best leader will always be Yunho.

The first group I’ve ever known, was DB5K, and of course the first leader was Yunho as well. Coincidentally he was my love at first sight in DB5K. hehe.

Whenever I come across his pictures I will always have this rush of respect. It’s weird to have a sudden urge to respect someone. But it just seems to happen on me! No matter how tired he is, how has his stache been scattered around his lips, he would be covering all up with his classy sunnies. I love his normal / no makeup / mustach-y look with some cool expensive-looking sunnies.


see what I mean?! This is how a real king looks like!

What I like about Jung U-KNOW Yunho.

Yes I like him a lot, No I don’t like his everything.
I like his rap. First Korean rap I’ve ever heard of. I’m not very good or experienced in rap music, I guess in my opinion he does a very good job at rapping.
I like his moves. So clean, so light-weighted, so sexy and so so so coordinated.
One day my mom saw me watching his dance performance, she asked me who was that doing such a great job. You know, when your mom approves your interest, you’re pretty much done with the albums you wish to buy. 😉
I like his humbleness. I don’t know him in person, I don’t know what he’s really like behind the cameras. But to me, the Yunho I see in front of the camera is very lovable, very humble but having this boss aura emitting all over the stage!!~ *LIKE A BAUS
There are so many more I like about him, I’ll leave them for the next time. 🙂

What I don’t really like about him?
Honest time.
I remember he said that even though he likes dancing, he chose singing over dancing.
Honestly, I prefer him doing more dancing, creating more breathtaking moves which melt Cassiopeia’s heart.
Still, I am truly thankful, so thankful that he chose singing. Otherwise he wouldn’t be leading on DB5K and what’s more, having us here today.

Nonetheless, he’s one very inspiring idol we could ever ask for.
Secretly thinking that he’s the king of the kings, best of the bests in this little kpop world of mine XD


[Article written by Roxanne from All About Cassiopeia. Any copying, republication or redistribution of this content other than for personal use is expressly prohibited.]

This article originally published at I’ll Keep Walking here.

4 thoughts on “Always Keep the Faith: #7 Checkmate [EDITORIAL]

  1. agree wif u…all of ur discription above really match wif what i fell..he is the king of the king !!!

  2. [What I don’t really like about him?
    Honest time.

    haha I know what you mean. Especially if he is singing too nasally. I prefer him singing with normal voice without stressing too much on his nasal voice. I rmb the first time I heard Purple Line I was like O_o what’s wrong with his voice but yeah love him nevertheless XD

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