Always Keep the Faith: #7 Checkmate [EDITORIAL]


Yunho, I respect him. I liked him, I loved him, now I respect him.

I know in everyone’s opinion, the title of “The Best Leader” is different. But to me, the best leader will always be Yunho.

The first group I’ve ever known, was DB5K, and of course the first leader was Yunho as well. Coincidentally he was my love at first sight in DB5K. hehe.

Whenever I come across his pictures I will always have this rush of respect. It’s weird to have a sudden urge to respect someone. But it just seems to happen on me! No matter how tired he is, how has his stache been scattered around his lips, he would be covering all up with his classy sunnies. I love his normal / no makeup / mustach-y look with some cool expensive-looking sunnies.


see what I mean?! This is how a real king looks like!

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