‘Code Name: Jackal’ Unites Fans In Malaysia

Malaysian fans rejoiced as they gathered for their anticipated film, Code Name: Jackal that was released in Malaysia starting on April 11. This specially booked private event was organized by MYJYJZONE and was held today in the Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.




The event began with the registration at 12:00PM before the screening is shown an hour later. Fans who attended this event also got to redeem special mini Code Name: Jackal cards made by MYJYJZONE.



The screening lasted for about an hour and 50 minutes. The screening hall was filled with oohs and ahhs whenever the fans spot their idol, Kim Jae Joong, on screen.

The gathering proceeded with lucky draws and these five lucky fans got to bring home magazines, calendars and folders.



This April 14 gathering ended with a group photo to capture this memorable day of their lives.


Code Name: Jackal unravels a story of a legendary killer (Song Ji-Hyo) who is assigned to kill the top celebrity in the country (Kim Jae Joong) while eventually leaving an odd mix of emotions between the two as the plot thickens.

Code Name: Jackal is showing in Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) MidValley Megamall, One-Utama and Pavilion Kuala Lumpur today!

Special thanks to MYJYJZONE for allowing us to cover this event!

“胡狼來了” 團結起來了馬來西亞的粉絲們

開心的馬來西亞粉絲們在四月十一日,“胡狼來了”的上映日期期待的聚集著。這個特別舉行的私人活動是在今天,Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC), 吉隆坡舉行,由且是由MJYJZONE所舉辦的。


上映時間總共花了一小時五十分鐘。電影院裡面傳來了許多粉絲們看到他們的偶像,金在中時的 “哇~”跟“呀~”的聲音。




“胡狼來了“正在 Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC), MidValley Megamall, One-Utama 和 Pavilion吉隆坡上映中!


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