Star Column With Kim Jae Joong – “An Asia Tour Story” [EXCLUSIVE]

After the last Thanksgiving Live in Tokyo Dome in June 2010, this will be the fourth year for JYJ to hold a concert in Tokyo Dome. We are already excited and trembled by the thought of meeting fans for the longest time. JYJ will show the best stage with the best effort for the fans, who waited for four years.

Kim Jaejoong was also in plan to progress his Asia Tour, starting in Bangkok’s BITEC Hall in February 17, “Your, My & Mine in Thailand” Concert, in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Nanjing. Through NAVER Star Column, we revealed various appearances of Kim Jaejoong.

—Editor’s Note.

I like people. Each person, whoever he is, has his own scent and story. Even we met for the first time, if we have a conversation with an opened mind, we will become friends in no time. For that, I like to meet new people and make relationships. I never made distance by first appearance nor judged people by their appearances. “Hyung has the best popularity everywhere you go. I’m really jealous.” It’s what the members say to me sometimes. Since I was in charge of intense concepts, I received more love from overseas rather than in the country. Domestically, there are many people who are prejudice against me. For real, I felt that it’s not that many just by guessing. What I felt through foreign activities was that meeting people without prejudice. The foreign friends that I’ve met, where language and culture were showed differently, and fond me as Kim Jaejoong. Come to think of it, it becomes easier and lighter to expose and talk about myself. Although we don’t speak the same language, only by heart I could communicate and build joyful friendships. To be able to share joyful and happy feelings with those people who love my music, I got to love and respect their culture.


Boarding the plane for the Asia Tour

“Don’t you feel impassive because you have so many fans?” I hear this during interviews sometimes, and I would always firmly say, “Absolutely not.” Fans often have doubts whether their letters, gifts or sincerity will be sent to me. The fact is that they are hard to be sent while people’s sincerity would be conveyed and I always try to listen to my fans’ stories. Whenever I’m tired, exhausted or wanted to leave everything down, that invisible power drives me forward. That is the power of the fans. During the tours, I exit in hurry from airports to concert venues due to security issues. The hearts of people who gathered there, to support me and to say Hi, they would always approach to me warmly.


Asia Tour’s rehearsal and behind the scenes

To release a solo album under the name of ‘Kim Jaejoong’ and to prepare a rock genre of music that I used to like to sing since childhood. Everything was inexperienced to me but on the other hand, I fully savored exciting and joyful feelings. That album is not about who was deciding it or about myself. It is what I wanted to talk about. How cool is that? So, I decided to name the album as I.


During the jacket photoshoot for the album

While I was preparing for the concert, I heard the news of the Asia Tour and there was such great energy and motivation. I was energized. I gained great strength from the Asia fan meetings as an actor during the second half of last year. This time, I thought of making a much more special concert. Ideas surged up and expectations rose. I thought that I should talk to the fans and play games together, even if it is 5,000 or 10,000 of people. We arrived a consensus where we conduct all of these under the same roof while adding a mini concert where I could sing some songs that I love. So, I decided the tour’s title as Your, My & Mine.


Asia Tour rehearsal with the staffs

The first stage and performance were held on my birthday. Ah… I was really happy. It was the best birthday and I got to see so many fans laughed and clapped for me and enjoyed my performances. I laughed so much that I questioned myself, “What’s happening to me?” Usually when I’m on stage, I can’t really see the audience due to the lighting, but on that day, in order to solve quizzes, the lighting was aimed towards the audience and I could see so many of the fans. Their happy faces and happy eyes, their feelings were all passed on to me and I was so happy that I felt like tearing up. During the mini concert, when I was singing I’ll Protect You I directed my microphone towards the audience and the fans sang for me. When the fans would sing the lines, I want to protect you. Even those bad habits of yours that’s so wrong. They would make me laugh during my rough days. Although it may be slightly difficult, I will also say ‘I love you’, I would reply, I love you. I’m not in front of any others but you. I’m holding onto your hands. When I sang this, I was so happy. I’m really thankful to my fans and they are very lovable.


During my birthday in Korea on the first Asia Tour concert. I was so thankful that I was with the fans

The real tour kicked off. The first was in Thailand. Ever since we were unable to pursue our activities in Japan for 3 years as JYJ or as a solo artist, we would visit Thailand as our first destination. It is a country that we feel as the starting point. Since there is a lot of JYJ fans and enthusiastic cheers surrounding us, there is no doubt that we choose Thailand as our first stop. Since I really love elephants, fans who regard elephants as their precious would give me various elephant gifts.


I cooked during the Thailand leg and fed the fan. I hope you enjoy it. ^^

Japanese fans are extremely thankful people. Ever since I’ve appeared in the 2010 Fuji-TV drama Sunao ni Narenakute, I was not able to meet the Japanese fans frequently. But they came to Korea to cheer for me for the drama Protect the Boss and Dr. Jin and also when the movie Jackal Is Coming was released. I felt very thankful too especially when we recorded the highest number of foreign entries for a single event during our JYJ Membership Week. I guess since we have performed numerous times in Japan, we consider it as our hometown. Since I have a lot of Japanese friends, I get the most news from them too.


During Dr.Jin drama fanmeeting

China is also another place where I frequently visit. If I consider both JYJ concerts and my own drama fan meetings, I have been to Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hong Kong and many other cities. Even though China is one big country, each region has a different language and taste. However, their passionate cheer does not fall behind from other countries. Nowadays, I have the interest in learning Chinese just as I have for Japanese, but it isn’t easy. I really want to communicate and approach the fans closer.


Among the Asia Tour appearances

Since many people recognize me and love me, it is so much harder to go outside during Asia Tour. I’m always inside the hotel. In the hotel, I swim, sleep, watch movies that I have always wanted to watch, and read comics, but it becomes boring after a while and so I start to proceed with taking photos of myself and become an expert at playing alone.


A self shot session while I was in Thailand ^^

If there is something I would like to tell to my fans, as I continue with my Asia Tour, it will be, “I am already missing you. I’m always grateful and I promise that I will put on a great show.”


A photo of my fans on my birthday in as a proof. Thank you so much!


Written by Kim Jae Joong
Photos from C-JeS Entertainment

[Article is translated by Judith and Siah from All About Cassiopeia. Any copying, republication or redistribution content other than for personal uses is expressly prohibited.]

This article originally published at Naver here.

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