Always Keep the Faith: #6 Whatever They Say [EDITORIAL]

Have I told you that I wasn’t attracted to Jaejoong’s looks?

I remember when I first knew about DB5K, I thought they weren’t good looking (Rising Sun period).

Hold up!

Stay where you are and don’t throw your chairs and eggs on me!


I really liked their songs and dances, not much on their looks. However, my love at first sight was Yunho.. heheh. Slowly I changed my bias to Jaejoong, all because of his voice. Until this stage, it was still Rising Sun. Actually I was a bit slow, after a year Rising Sun was released I’ve only come to know them. So not long after purchasing Rising Sun album, “O” was then released!

Looking at the “O” album cover, I was utterly shocked. “ARE THEY DBSK?????” They looked totally different to me. “AND WHO’S THAT GUY IN BLONDE HAIR!!??” I went home and googled about “O”, I couldn’t believe that’s the lovely-voice-guy!!!!



Honest time.
I actually thought Jaejoong was ugly.
With the clothes being put on him during Rising Sun, I totally didn’t expect that he was the one with the husky/sweet/powerful voice!
Ever since his image change in “O”, I fell HARD for him. Despite the people who don’t know/like Korean idols keep on bashing Jaejoong for his “girly” looks, I don’t even care what they say! *cue Whatever They Say*

I love his voice which melts my heart every single time.
I love everything about him (except the fact that he smokes, I’m NOT SURE if he still smokes okay!).



[Article written by Roxanne from All About Cassiopeia. Any copying, republication or redistribution of this content other than for personal use is expressly prohibited.]

This article originally published at I’ll Keep Walking here.

4 thoughts on “Always Keep the Faith: #6 Whatever They Say [EDITORIAL]

  1. my first korean love is jaejoong, i still love him the best, and this won*t change ……………….i also think he is perfect just like you said ❤ i just love him

  2. Oh my gosh WE ARE SO MUCH ALIKE! I like this blog, really. So funny how you saw Jaejoong to be so ugly back then. :)) Such similarities, the thing with Yunho being your first bias, how ugly you saw Jaejoong before, how his lines in Whatever They Say affect you now, the thing with his voice, his face, his vices. :))

    The first time I saw his picture, I was like “Damn that dude sure is lame” HAHAHHAHAAHA ♥ ♥ ♥

    But now, he is just the epitome of perfection :”> ❤ ❤ ❤

    Thank you for sharing this! Had fun reading it 😀

  3. lol!! jj is my ultimate bias now.
    db5k is the first kpop group that i know. and the first song that made me fall for them was hug!!
    the first person to sing and appear in hug is jaejoong and i was like : ‘arrgghh… who’s this guy? he looks so handsome yet pretty! and then yoochun appear and other members appear. lol.. not only admiring their looks. i was so into them because they sing with harmony…! i rarely find kpop boyband do the acapella stuffs. db5k can sing acapella very well *proud*
    i love jj of his voice.. i agree with you.. he put so much emotion in every songs he sings. even he’s not the best in dancing (jellyfish dance) but i find it sexy and unique. lol… he is multitalented, a CEO, a good actor, my favorite kpop singer
    go JJ!

  4. lol same here. The first time I saw them is on MKMF (now known as MAMA) performing Tri-Angle and honestly speaking, I thought that they were kinda scary back then O_o but Jaejoong in Rising Sun was ok to me (his hairstyle at that time was also the ‘style’ at that time I suppose).

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