Always Keep the Faith: #3 Mideoyo 믿어요 [EDITORIAL]

No matter how much laughter with a painful tummy, no matter how much tears we have shed, we didn’t regret to love DB5K.

Although time has passed and it’s been years, we are still here not willing to give up, still waiting for the day to come.

We are actually One True 6: Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, Changmin .. and Cassiopeia.

Without DB5K, there isn’t going to be Cassiopeia.

Without Cassiopeia, there isn’t going to be DB5K.

People don’t understand us, stans don’t understand us, antis don’t understand us. But DB5K will.

If you are missing DB5K as well, let’s hold our hands even if we’re from all over the globe.

We can be much better fans than we are right now.

Only with this teamwork, even if it’s one simple belief, the day will come soon.

Once a Cassiopeia, forever a Cassiopeia.

Always, always keep the faith.


[Article written by Roxanne from All About Cassiopeia. Any copying, republication or redistribution of this content other than for personal use is expressly prohibited.]

This article originally published at I’ll Keep Walking here.

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