Always Keep the Faith: #2 Your Love is All I Need [EDITORIAL]

While I was in the middle of enjoying myself with TVXQ’s songs until 2007, I was bored. I had no one to share my joy with. So I started to tell my friends about it. Surprisingly, they said they heard about TVXQ. Then, I guessed I was the outdated one. -__-

Since I’ve started my fangirling activity for some time, I have printed some of their pics in wallet size so that I can put it in my purse. I showed my friends the pics, and that time I didn’t know how other people see TVXQ. The responses were, “Why do they look so gay?”; “Ew he (Jaejoong) looks like a girl!!!”; “Who the hell are these gays?”. I didn’t know what to say. And of course I felt kinda hurt because someone actually dislikes my favourite people.


However, things kinda changed. Some of my friends are quite interested in TVXQ. I was so excited and I kept on talking about TVXQ with them! We had our own biases (thank god!), shared videos with each other, and of course, sing. In school, at home, at the mall – not even a day without TVXQ.

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