Always Keep the Faith: #1 The Beginning [EDITORIAL]

I often ask this to myself, and my answer would always be “I will not let myself forget. Even if it’s the end of the world, I must not forget what adventure I shared with DB5K. I can’t seem to find a reason to forget about them.”

DB5K has been my best companion for my whole high school life.
I still remember the day when they were coming to Malaysia for their first Asia Tour. Well no, I didn’t attend the concert, in fact, I didn’t know who they were. Before the concert, there was one night when I was alone watching TV and I saw Rising Sun’s music video came up right in front of my eyes. But wait, it’s not just another TV ad! So I paid attention to it. I thought, “Why do people like Koreans? Since a lot of people like Koreans, maybe I will be affected too? (that time was when the Korean dramas started to sprout in Malaysia)”


I wasn’t sure if I was telling myself that I should like these weird (cool) looking guys.. with long hair.. and by the way THE DANCE WAS SO COOL (well my music preference was piano songs before TVXQ, pop songs weren’t my thing, yet). And the MV played twice! So I get a second chance to observe them, counting the number of members while watching them dance. When the song ended, I stared at the corner of the screen to see who these people are. 東方神起. It was my first time to see this name.

That period of time was around my birthday, so immediately that weekend when I went to the mall, I rushed into the CD shop and THERE IT IS. 東方神起 RISING SUN. I asked my mom to buy me the album as a birthday gift, and she did! Yes I only heard one song from DBSK I admit I was being impetuous and it was my first music album ever. From that day onward, I stepped my foot into the world of DB5K.

Most people/Cassiopeia started to love DB5K because of the influence of their friends. In my case, it’s not. I haven’t even heard of the name “TVXQ” before I watch the MV on TV. I guess it’s fate, isn’t it? :’)

If you’re a new TVXQ/JYJ fan, welcome to this family. But please, take time to love the whole DB5K, don’t get so biased that you only love one member. A Cassiopeia takes her/his time to love every member, yes we have bias, but we still love every member and appreciate their love. If you think you hate one of the members just because you think he’s ugly or whatever, I’m sorry, you’re not a Cassiopeia. And keep in mind that people cannot please everyone.

My story of being a Cassiopeia will be continued. 😉


[Article written by Roxanne from All About Cassiopeia. Any copying, republication or redistribution of this content other than for personal use is expressly prohibited.]

This article originally published at I’ll Keep Walking here.

3 thoughts on “Always Keep the Faith: #1 The Beginning [EDITORIAL]

  1. omg~~~ur story are similar with me….I know thme when I watch TV…they sang O song…for thye first time I alredy fall in lov with them even I dont know who r they…they r just too cool!!!and great….everytime people asked me who is my bias…I cant tell thn the answer…..coz I love all of mmbr!!!!!!!!!!love TVXQ forever….><

  2. whaaaaa!!!!!!!!! I’M ALSO TH SAME AS YOU!!!! but i first discovered them when i was watching HUG MV on youtube in 2004 and i was only 8 1/2 yrs. old then… i first thought that they were kind of cute(really) so i searched more about them and started from then on and since then i been a Cassiopeia. I never let go of them since the day my eyes laid on the FIVE GODS OF THE EAST!!

  3. Me too. I was intrigued by their MV playing on TV, thinking, hey, they are actually kinda talented and their songs are addictive too. The silliest part was that I meant to buy Rising Sun album but I bought Heart, Mind and Soul instead ( ok I admit I didn’t know that Rising Sun is a kr album and Heart, Mind and Soul was a Jp album because both albums have the song Rising Sun ><)

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