Promotional Images for Kim Jae Joong ‘Your, My & Mine’ Around Seoul

Ahead of the 1st Solo Concert Your, My & Mine by JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, various advertisements have begun setting up to promote this concert. Lucky Jaejoong fans in Seoul managed to take a glimpse and took a few shots of the promotional posters located in COEX Mall. These photos surfaced online yesterday, building up much anticipation as January 26 to arrive.

The new promotional images show a darker theme reflecting to his upcoming mini solo album which is due to release on January 17 next week.


Courtesy of @Chiffonmilk


Courtesy of @Chiffonmilk

The video from the above display can be found in the embedded clip below.

Courtesy of 100thero

Promotional buses are seen traveling on the roads around Seoul even though there is no official bus schedule released by C-JeS Entertainment just yet.


Courtesy of 젤러리

In another news, Jaejoong’s first 40-second MINE music video teaser was released a couple of days ago.

Courtesy of CJESJYJ

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