Cassiopeia Indonesia’s TVXQ 9th Anniversary Gathering: We’re The One Eternally [REPORT]

In conjunction with TVXQ’s 9th Debut Anniversary, fans of Jakarta, Indonesia, organized their gathering, ‘We’re The One Eternally‘ to celebrate this memorable event. Organized by Cassiopeia Indonesia and in cooperation with DBSK HOME, this event took place on the Sunday of December 16, 2012, ten days before the 9th Anniversary, at Gedung Pertunjukan Bulungan.

While waiting for fans to enter the venue, TVXQ goodies stalls were set up for fans to purchase their merchandises.

The event kicked off at 10:00AM and invited guests were able to sit in the front middle of the audience seats in the theater. The place was decorated with different TVXQ and JYJ banners to celebrate this 9th Anniversary event.

Tohoshinki 4th Live Tour ‘The Secret Code’ Final in Tokyo Dome was played on the big screen in the middle for an hour and half. After that concert screening, lunch was served for the attendees while some fans also managed to take photos of themselves with the banners prepared by Cassiopeia Indonesia at the venue.

Various games were carried out and there were many prizes such as posters, keychains and many more to be won. Special guests such as Himeshinki, ThebestK, Perseids, Cassishinki and SoulD were invited to perform their amazing dance covers on stage.

The gathering ended at 3:30PM with a group photo-taking session while fans holding on to their own respective banners for the project.

Photos courtesy of Cassiopeia Indonesia and All About Cassiopeia

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