JYJ Kim Jaejoong To Release Solo Album Next January

Reported by TV Daily’s Kim Jingyung

JYJ Kim Jaejoong will release his first solo mini album since his debut.


C-JeS Entertainment, who is in charge of JYJ’s management, revealed on the 18th that Kim Jaejoong will release a very special solo mini album next January.

C-JeS gave a tip, “Kim Bada who is in the top of 5 Sinawe’s vocalist participated in the production directly and they have included various genre of rock music. You will meet another charming side of Kim Jaejoong’s husky and tough high tone and so on that you can’t see it under JYJ.”

Jaejoong had been recognized as rock vocalist with exceeding talent by showing songs such as “It’s Only My World“, “For You“, and many more through regular concert solo performances like in Japan Dome Concert.

Kim Bada, who recently proved that he is the best domestic rock vocalist through ‘I Am A Singer’, explained, “Kim Jaejoong has good qualities as rock vocalist. He is much serious about music, so my affection for him has increased as we work. His own sexy and glam style of singing is attractive. I wanted to make a number of rock that experiences nothing by comparison with anything.”

He continued, “Rock music should be made of sublimation of story buried in one’s heart into the music and, in that sense, Kim Jaejoong’s lyric writing skill is excellent. I thought that we should recognize him as artist rather than an idol.”

According to a person who is concerned, Jaejoong wrote the lyrics of every songs in this album and showed off his capability as an artist.

C-JeS revealed, “All the details of the album is strictly secret. By next week, the album’s jacket teaser and movie teaser will be put on view in consecutive order and we are preparing a music video fitting with the releasing soundtracks. This special album includes original soundtracks that the recent movie ‘Code Name: Jackal’ has recorded. It will be a surprise present for the fans this winter.”

A person concerned in the recording industry also showed his high anticipation on this album release and said, “Kim Jaejoong’s outstanding vocal capability and superior emotion expression were planted in this album that only he himself can make. In this winter, you will be fascinated by his explosive singing capability and sweet voice.”

[Article is translated by Judith from All About Cassiopeia. Any copying, republication or redistribution content other than for personal uses is expressly prohibited.]

This article originally published at TV Daily here.

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