JYJ Philippines’ 1st Gathering: JYJ Worldwide in Seoul, KCC Concert Screening [REPORT]


The Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines (KCC) and JYJ Philippines held their first gathering of JYJ Worldwide in Seoul Concert Screening. I left the house at about 1:00PM and since it was my first time going there, I asked a fellow friend of mine to meet me along the way so we can go together. I was at a mall in Makati, roaming around waiting for her. She arrived at about 3:30PM and we looked for the MISSHA store there, though we weren’t able to find it. We left Makati by 4:00PM, and arrived at Taguig, where the KCC is located, by 4:30PM. We were thrilled as some fans were already there.


As the fans started to flock in, we had the registration from 5:00PM onwards.



The game sessions commenced by 5:30PM as the screening was by 6:30PM.

The mechanics of the first game were a player, that his/her name was written on small papers and drawn by the hosts, drew a word, phrase or song title from the crew and made the audience to guess what the word or phrase was. There were about seven fans who participated in that game.


The winner had the audience to answer five questions and she won a JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul DVD Anniversary Edition while the other contestants won In Heaven and Tarantallegra posters.

The second game was involving two pairs of contestants, in which their names were drawn again. One person will guess what word or phrase the crew was holding above his head. It was similar to the first game wherein you can only ask questions answerable by “Yes”, “No” or “Maybe”. The only difference on the second game was it involved pairs.


The screening started by 6:30PM. The crowd watched tentatively as the trio performs.



By 8:30PM, the screening had ended. Names were randomly picked and these lucky fans received JYJ photo cards giveaways. We had a video message for JYJ, telling them we’re waiting and to come here. Last but not least, we also had a group photo.


That was the end. The crew of JYJ Philippines thanked everyone for coming and they also promoted their event for the XIA DAY 2012 in the Philippines and their participation at The 4th Annual Philippine KPOP Convention.

Photo courtesy of JYJ Philippines and Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines

[Article is written by Steph from All About Cassiopeia. Any copying, republication or redistribution content other than for personal uses is expressly prohibited.]

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