JYJ Jaejoong Officially Returns To Twitter Once More

Since after his Coffee Cojjee’s Twitter account debuted in Twitter a few weeks ago, JYJ Jaejoong has once again made a comeback with his own official account under the name, @bornfreeonekiss. Moreover, this account is currently the only account followed by his Coffee Cojjee, @coffeecojjee1, account too.

With only a few tweets, the attention began to spread like a wildfire among the fans. He began with his first tweet with “Start!” and proceeded with another tweet, “There are so many people that want my return in Twitter. So I’m back in this way. I give you sleeping JJ as a commemoration”, while attaching the photo below of him lying on the couch.


He then tweeted again, “Now let’s have fun as we want~^^” with the photo below.


And not long after, his band mate, Junsu, tweeted to him, “yo!!!!!!!!!” after knowing his presence in the Twittersphere, in which Jaejoong replied back with “yo~^^jjun”.

Shortly, Jaejoong continued the night with another tweet featuring his cat with “For a long time “JIJI”” with the following photo.


While using his new bio description as “JJ of JYJ”, he also uses the old photo from his Coffee Cojjee account, as his new display photo.

Shall he regain his one million followers once more after his debut? Oh don’t bother, he’s gaining his followers back fast! Welcome back!

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Photos courtesy of @bornfreeonekiss.

[Tweets are translated by Judith from All About Cassiopeia. Any copying, republication or redistribution content other than for personal uses is expressly prohibited.]

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