Star Column With TVXQ! Ep. 1 – “For the Shout of the Day” [EXCLUSIVE]

The existence that make numerous fangirls’ heart flutter just by their names. They who will celebrate their 10th anniversary since debut, which is rare for idol group, just before them. These are the stories of TVXQ! U-know Yunho and Max Changmin.

The appearances of U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin shown to the audience so far were entertainers, nothing above or below. Through this Star Column, we want to meet Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin, what they think and live on the stage or in real life. We are trying to find new significance by viewing the world not through readers’ or press’ eyes, but through their feelings and thoughts.

The 1st episode will introduce the preparation of the world tour, TVXQ! LIVE WORLD TOUR ‘Catch Me’ in SEOUL, which will be held this coming 17th and 18th of November in Seoul Olympic Gymnastic Stadium, and look furtively the world of them who tries to get out to the new world again on the camera lens.


Hello, this is U-Know Yunho from TVXQ!. It is kind of awkward to say Hi in writing! From now I will tell you our stories with pictures, so let’s enjoy together. ^^ Here’s the first picture! The picture of me practicing the live performances for the world tour. Since the world tour is so near, I’m practicing the songs that we will show on the stage anew. Aren’t I cool? But I didn’t put on makeup! So don’t try to look closely. Haha. I’m singing in the recording room for detailed monitoring. For the cases of ballads, we will perform them more often on the concert than broadcasting stages, which is why the monitoring is necessary. Specially for this is concert after 4 years, we have more stuffs to prepare and I feel burdened. We are carrying out ‘Catch Me’ activities and preparation of concert side by side, so we are too busy, but truthfully I will try my best!


Monitoring after the recordings! Some parts dissatisfy me, so I’m gonna sing again. Practice once more for a neater stage! I can’t help but to have the feeling of lacking even after several hundreds of practice because it has been four years since the last concert. We are preparing hard so please do anticipate for our stages! Ah, will you feel disappointed for me revealing only my backside? Or not?


Ah! Now it’s my turn. Hello. This is Max Changmin from TVXQ!. How have you guys been since then? It’s quite cold. Watch out for the cold~ Hemhem, the introduction was too long. ^^ As expected, my first picture is a recording photo just the same as Yunho hyung’s. Can you see? I’m singing with all my emotion! I should’ve taken care of my facial expression if I knew that the manager hyung was taking a picture, but fortunately my face was hidden by the mic. Huhut (T/N: an evil laughter with satisfaction). I’m more concerned about the ballad songs for the live that will be shown on the concert for the first time. This will be the first time that the audience to feel the sensation and fascination the live performance offers. So I should practice once more as well.


Finally, the two of TVXQ have appeared together. Doo-doong~ (T/N: an onomatopoeia) Here is the dance practice room. There are a number of dance moves that we should memorize for the concert. ㅠㅠ Even if they are the choreography that we showed before, the songs are rearranged so the dance moves are added. We need to show you transformed afresh ones by moving flow, therefore there are a mountain of things that need to be practiced! These days, we kept practicing to the hard schedule until 4AM, so we are tired. But since this is the concert that we longed to have, we gather our strength again.

Our choreography director, Huang Sanghun hyung from Beat Burger (The one in black trousers in the picture.. Sorry, hyung!), is getting more and more tired~ For some days, we go for movie filming right after overnight practice. By the way, we are exposing the practice room pictures without the makeup on. ^^ You didn’t notice that we weren’t on makeup? After all, we are the terminator of chinaware skin? Hoo-hoo~ (T/N: chinaware skin means your skin is clear)


The picture that is taken by our manager hyung while I was practicing! I personally like this one because I think this came out naturally. I always make charismatic faces on the stage, but how about this cute(?) facial expression? I’m soft man by my own. The grey training trousers is the service! ^^ I was tired but taking pictures and doing some other things suddenly energized me up!


After a moment of rest, we are matching our choreography again. How is it to us with sport clothes? The most comfortable condition in the practice makes us concentrated and other good effects. Matching our facial expressions one by one and giving our airs~ Ah, the identity of the object that Changmin is holding is the telephone! In this miraculous condition, everything that we hold becomes the mic! The one that I’m holding is a fake microphone as well. But we look more serious than any other times, right? ^^ Practice as actual concert, and actual concert as practiced! A-ja! A-ja!


Today is the concert filming day. Without Yunho hyung, I will film alone today~ Who is my partner to show up with me? Check it out at the concert. Are you really curious? Then show me 500 won! ^^ I snapped one shot while I was waiting. I couldn’t sleep much so I looked drooping but I got okay when I was filming. Please anticipate our films in the concert because we filmed them in various concepts with strenuous efforts. Anyway, it is kind of lonely to stand in front of the camera alone and I miss Yunho-hyung. Hyung~ Come back soon~ Your dongsaeng is waiting~


Go away training clothes! In addition, we release our MV making scenes to the public. Am I looking good? I’m so serious here. In fact I didn’t know someone was taking pictures of me. Since this is the comeback after a long time, I became super-concentrated when we was filming the music video.^^ For a bit of pressure, my face is tensed a little. Since we would dance out powerful performance, our garments are intense as well!


This is me trimming the hair. It is the third filming day already. Catch Me has such strong performance, so I become hukhuk (T/N: an onomatopoeia for out of breath). I don’t know how many times we have danced. ^^ For a better outcome, we have to fix the hair again and check the garments. The staffs also work through some nights. Using this chance, I would like to thank the people who toil hard for us. I understand their hardship, so I try to be the smiling Changmin even though I’m tired.


One of scenes from the filming. I can see the dancer hyung-nims’ difficult poses better. Dancer hyung-nims, you have worked so hard to dance out Catch Me! Hyung-nims are the best dancers! As they have been conforming the dance with us for a long time, I can recall that the filming was so fun. For each hard time, we encourage one another and finished the filming successfully. We give a round of applause to the hyung-nims who worked really hard. Clap, clap, clap~


I’m discussing the chereography with the dancer hyung. What’s so joyful? Even I can see that I was hyper. I guess the dancer-hyung was infected by my smlie! Although we were tired physically, there was no endless laughter during filming. The laughter that placidly soaked us was a big tonic for me. ^^ I think it was the same for Yunho-hyung. Haha!


Change the garments, set the hair again, and then start the filming. We all look tired from repetitive filiming, but I recall that I tried my best with a mind that we are meeting you guys with new songs. The dancer-hyungs and I look so tired but Changmin looks composed and even smiled. I suprised by Maknae’s physical strength again. A smile in this kind of situation! I’m so proud of you, my dongsaeng!


Personally, this is one of my favourite pictures. I think the photographer took this while I was in the MV filming. Hm. The filming is a hard task but that is the content that we can show our new music and performance at the very first. I face it with more passion, wondering, “How the audience will look at us?” Soon, we will carry all these things to you. ^^

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Written by TVXQ
Edited by Huang YongHee (Chief Officer of IssueDaily)

[Article is translated by Judith from All About Cassiopeia. Any copying, republication or redistribution content other than for personal uses is expressly prohibited.]

This article originally published at Naver here.

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