20121016-165125.jpgAfter the release of the first korean big-hit album, In Heaven which is after the release of The Beginning in 2010, JYJ held a much awaited 2-day concert “JYJ UNFORGETTABLE LIVE CONCERT IN JAPAN” in October 2011.

The live DVD records the full process of the concert which mobilized 80,000 people, that was held near the affected area of Japan’s earthquake at Ibaraki Prefecture.

The outdoor stage live performance started when the sun was setting, and the magnificent performance put up by JYJ filled with thanks to the fans, was reflected on the beautiful night skies.

It is released to commemorate this unforgettable concert on its first anniversary.

20121016-165207.jpgIn summer 2011, JYJ displayed their stunning growth and vigour in the Memorial Reconstruction of Japan Earthquake Concert. In order to be able to stand on an international stage, each of them worked hard in pushing their individual talents to their limit. And in summer, they finally saw their fruit of labour and released their first korean album In Heaven.

The message that JYJ wanted to bring across:
“The gratitude and warmth towards the fans who waited for them.”
“And us, who seems to be moving towards the world, will always be with the fans”.

The trust and bond between JYJ and the fans…
This DVD will allow fans to feel as one with JYJ who will continue to grow.

The pre-order will start on October 18 at 1:00PM on the new JYJ Unforgettable Concert in Japan official special site. Just like the previous “JYJ Worldwide Concert in Seoul DVD”, there will be a limited release.


Price of 7,245 Yen including tax (6,900 Yen excluding tax)
※Additional shipping of 595 Yen
※One (1) order per booking
※Only 50,000 copies of complete limited edition
※Limited release in Japan (Korean edition is not on sale)

■Disc 1 Full concert
■Disc 2 BONUS: Concert rehearsals
■Duration : DISC 1 of two hours / DISC 2 of one hour
■Subtitle:Japanese (English subtitled for English parts only)
■Region 2

EMPTY / PIERROT / Ayyy Girl / Be My Girl + Be My Girl Remix / I Love You (Yoochun Solo) / I’ll Protect You (Jejung Solo) / You’re so beautiful (Junsu Solo) / Found You / I.D.S + Be The One Remix / NINE / Fallen Leaves / Mission / Get Out / In Heaven / EMPTY Remix



Messages are handwritten and signed by the members.

•Less than 100 pages of live recording and rehearsal photos
•Slightly larger than A4 size
•With a luxury hardcover

POSTERS of 4 different kinds
Posters were shot when the members on stage

•Four set pieces with a total of three members
•Slightly larger than A4 size

3,000 Yen Gift Card
Travel journey company workshop http://www.tabikobo.com/

[Article is translated by Lin from All About Cassiopeia. Any copying, republication or redistribution content other than for personal uses is expressly prohibited.]

This article originally published at JYJ Unforgettable Live Concert in Japan Official Site here.

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