JYJ-SM Entertainment’s Arbitration Couldn’t Reach A Consensus And Kept A Parallel Line [REPORT]


The arbitration regarding the contract was held at the Seoul Central District Court on the 18th at 5:00PM. Originally, the final judgment was to be held on the 13th, but the justice department advised that another arbitration be held.

In order to carry out a smooth agreement, the justice department required the representatives of both JYJ and S.M.Entertainment to be present at the court, but even after about one hour of attempting to mediate both sides, the two sides still strongly expressed their individual statements and were unable to bring a conclusion.

The attorney of JYJ said to Star News, “There were no results,” and firmly expressed the fact that the arbitration failed. The attorney said, “Both sides only expressed their own opinion and that hasn’t changed.”

The justice department has required another arbitration, once again. But they didn’t set a date, and has indefinitely delayed the judgement. This is because the justice department wanted both sides to get enough time for discussion. With this, the lawsuit that has pursued from the year 2009 has become indefinite, unable to determine the end of both the offense and defense.

Earlier before, SM and JYJ have tried to reach an agreement since May. But to the end of last year, the final arbitration was unachieved so the trial was resumed.

In May, both sides had set a discussion date and expressed their opinions, but they had showed clear differences in opinions, therefore, was set to final judgement. However, the justice department advised another arbitration, which was the July 19 arbitration.

Meanwhile, in 2009, JYJ had filed a lawsuit to stop the unfair contract. When the court accepted their lawsuit, S.M.Entertainment filed a lawsuit going against JYJ’s in April of 2010.

Going against SM’s lawsuit, JYJ filed another lawsuit stating that there was, indeed, unfair contract. Meanwhile, the court has rejected SM’s objection against JYJ’s statement on the unfair contract in February of last year.

If this lawsuit comes to a final judgment, the contract will be nulled and JYJ’s individual activities will be guaranteed.

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[Article is translated by Siah from All About Cassiopeia. Any copying, republication or redistribution content other than for personal uses is expressly prohibited.]

This article originally published at Star News here.

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