Cassiopeia Philippines’ 10G: Back Two Basics [REPORT]

Before you read any further, spoilers ahead!


10G: Back Two Basics was my first gathering since I became a K-Pop fan back in 2009. It was either the venue was too far or I was just avoiding the expenses.

Anyways, I wasn’t able to go to sleep right away because of nervousness. We left the house by 8:40AM. We picked up another Cassie by 9:00AM and went to the train station by 9:30AM. We arrived near the venue by 10 and walked around a bit and proceeded to the venue, Gateway Cinema, an hour later. We ate lunch and waited outside the theater at noon. A handful of Cassiopeia were already there, decked out in red with red keychains on their bags. About 8 crew members from Cassiopeia Philippines were already there, arranging the merchandises to either be picked up or sold. A male crew approached the fans and said that they were going to check the e-tickets now to ensure the fast entry into the theater. After getting our tickets checked and changed with the BigEast passes, we went into the theater.



I chose the seat in the middle since the screen was huge. The CassPH crew was making their rounds inside and outside the theater, coaxing everyone to buy either the 10G bundle (which includes a TONE T-shirt, a lightstick, and photocards) or the AKTF bundle (includes an umbrella, keychains and pins). After a bit, the theater started filling up and it was slowly becoming a red pond in there.


By 1:30PM, they started the 東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2012 ~TONE~ concert premiere. It was in Tokyo Dome. It started off with B.U.T.. The next parts are from what I can remember: Yunho’s aegyo on Crazy Mind will either make you squeal from his adorableness or just blink. Honey, Funny, Bunny is not for minors and for the faint-hearted. I was screaming my lungs out and my friends were laughing at me. Changmin’s solo performance is Rusty Nail. It was an old song, but the Changmin-biased fans were screaming out loud. He was sexy. Enough said.

The last song was Somebody to Love. MIROTIC was sung well, but they didn’t dance the whole way. Avex used amazing effects for the concert, especially during Maximum. If Yunho and Changmin were in a wrong position for that split second, the effects would’ve sucked. Changmin and his snark – goodness. He suggested and adlib with Yunho and played rock, paper and scissors to see who would be the MC. Yunho lost. Changmin chose the right side of the crowd and said, “I choose this side. All the pretty girls are here.” Yunho went to the other side and said, “Well, the hot girls are here.” Changmin replied and joked, “The part about me saying that the girls here are pretty? I was kidding.”

Yunho’s eyes got watery during Still and the crowd in Tokyo Dome made a white ocean. He literally cried when he was thanking the people behind the concert. He said, “Whatever I do, the tears won’t come out. But this moment is special. For Tohoshinki to be able to perform in front of everyone again after a long time, we feel blessed. And for you to see Yunho crying like this is special. He rarely lets us see him cry.”

To the end, Changmin got a water bottle and poured it on his hair, seducing the crowd. There was a special video clip of Changmin for Telephone. It was quite a laugh because of CassPH’s edited translations. Before Honey, Funny, Bunny was being played, a video clip was shown about Yunho as the vampire. At the start of We Are T!, Changmin and Yunho went around Tokyo Dome throwing balls around. Even the crew members in the theater threw balls at us. They have signatures of the 5 boys.

Changmin’s high notes were flawless, as usual. When they said goodbye, Yunho was on a permanent sugar high, running everywhere but he kept bowing 90 degrees to the crowd.

When the TONE concert ended, we thought that was it, but we screamed our lungs out when they showed Junsu’s Uncommitted in HD. Goodness. They also showed JYJ’s Mahalo Behind the Scenes and there were so many YooSu moments. After that, they had a raffle where they gave away prizes like TONE CDs and DVDs, Yoochun’s ELLE magazines, TVXQ’s out-of-print S magazines, Tohoshinki’s chewing gums and etc. We stayed behind for a while and bonded with the other Cassies.

We ate at McDonald’s and just spazzed all over again.


Photos courtesy of Cassiopeia Philippines and All About Cassiopeia

[Article is written by Steph from All About Cassiopeia. Any copying, republication or redistribution content other than for personal uses is expressly prohibited.]

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