JYJ & SM Entertainment’s Arbitration Trial To Commence In August [REPORT]

Word is cycling that the arbitration filed on July 11 by SM Entertainment has been accepted and that the hearing date for this will be on August 10. It’s also been said that the final verdict date is now unknown until this next hearing is decided.

I can not validate this as I have not found an article from an actual news source that backs this; however, a post was made here about this:

No Verdict For JYJ VS SM Trial: Arbitration Meeting Aug. 10

The trial has now been delayed until August 10 (arbitration meeting).

As it appears, the court has accepted SM’s request for arbitration. It is now unknown when the verdict will be released.

The date set for August 10th, is the date for the arbitration meeting. Where this goes from here, I honestly don’t know.

There is no verdict date now. I want to make that clear.

Extra Info:

Both parties, in this case JYJ and SM, must adhere to the court’s decision once it grants arbitration. In South Korea, law is different so please keep this in mind.

Updating as more info is released.

Source: Hello 123

Due to this information, I want it known that the Twitter Trend for July 18-19 is still going on because I feel that the message we send during this frustrating time – both to JYJ and to Cassiopeia as a fandom – is still just as important now as it was before.

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[Article is written by Addy from All About Cassiopeia. Any copying, republication or redistribution content other than for personal uses is expressly prohibited.]

This article originally published at DB5K YTP Community here.

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