Han Ji Min Clarifies Physical Affection With Park Yoochun Issue

On May 30, Han Ji Min was interviewed about her most recent drama, SBS ‘Rooftop Prince.’ She endlessly complimented JYJ’s Park Yoochun, saying “I almost felt bad that I had a stereotype against him for being a singer because he tried so hard.”

About the wedding scene, she said “In the script, it only said to cry twice. But both Yoochun and I got so carried away with our emotions that we shed every single tear drop we had in us. At first we didn’t know how to act the scene out but when we actually started filming we were able to feel it.”

Also, she was asked about the physical affection she had with Yoochun. In the final group picture of ‘Rooftop Prince’ actors and staff members, Yoochun was patting Han Ji Min’s back and Han Ji Min was stroking Park Yoochun’s cheeks. About this, Ji Min said, “We cried so much during the last filming session. Because I was crying so much Yoochun comforted me by patting my back. I had my arm linked to Yoochun, but because we were squeezed to fit into the picture, I didn’t know where else to pat him so my hand just went to his cheeks. I didn’t think this would become such a big deal,” laughing.

On the other hand, Yoochun, during an interview, had revealed Han Ji Min to be someone like a “older sister that I knew for 10 years.”

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