JYJ′s Kim Junsu Shows the Confidence of a Singer of Eight Years

JYJ member Kim Junsu, who made a comeback as a solo singer, dripped with confidence. He stood in front of the press with his dream of singing music that’s different from the others as a singer of eight years, and he was bold.

His first solo album Tarantallegra, which was released on May 15, contained 12 songs full of the musical life he had led for eight years.

Kim Junsu met with the press on May 16 before his official promotions, and said, “I was pressured with having to step off on the right foot because I would be releasing the first solo album out of JYJ. In the past, I settled myself into the music and concepts that had already been developed, but this time I was happy to do everything myself from the start.”

“80 percent of the songs in my album went through me,” he said. “I felt the pressure, but I tried to go for diversity by including the styles and genres that I always wanted to sing solo. I believe that’s what differentiates the album from the ones in the past, and that’s also the main point of the album. I hope you pay attention to that.”

As such, Kim Junsu’s first solo album contained a pure mix of the expertise from his eight year career. He added, “I felt the pressure, but I was sad to see the uniform music that exists. I wanted to let people listen to something different.”

His album is actually receiving reviews that it’s completely ‘different’ from the music that Kim Junsu originally showed off, and the music that the public expected from him.

Kim Junsu said he was satisfied by such evaluations.

“I’m happiest when the fans and public talk about what I aimed for. A lot of people said that I’m much different because I’ve been a singer for eight years, and I was so happy. I believe I’ve scored a success if I set such an image. All of my concerns were blown away with that one evaluation.”

He did, however, seem burdened by the fact that he was releasing the first solo album out of JYJ, and that he wasn’t able to appear on music shows like other singers. As if to overcome, he continued to emphasize that he invested a lot into the music video for the first single cut and the album itself.

“It’s my first solo album in eight years. I feel great that I was able to release an album after learning a lot of different things. I don’t know when I’ll be releasing my second album, but I want to knock on more doors with music that’s different and in my own color.”

Kim Junsu will hold an exclusive concert not as JYJ, but as himself from May 19-20 in Seoul. He will then embark on a tour through six cities overseas.

Photo courtesy of C-JeS Entertainment

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