JYJ′s Kim Junsu is ‘Xia’ Because It′s Still His Name

JYJ’s Kim Junsu said the reason he′s going by Xia for his first solo album is because of the simple fact that Xia is his name.

The statement came at the press roundtable for his first album Xia-Tarantallegra held in Seoul on May 16.

Kim Junsu said, “[Kim] Jae Joong hyung (big brother) and I thought up the name ‘Xia’. Jae Joong and [Park] Yoo Chun hyung didn’t like their old names very much, but I did. I am JYJ’s Junsu, but the name that fits my identity as a solo best is ‘Xia’. I used it with the thought that everything is contained in that one word.”

He added, “I use my real name when I’m in musicals, but it wasn’t because I wanted to hide ‘Xia’; it was just that it was awkward to use Xia and not my real name in musicals. The members act in dramas too, and they just use their real names because they thought it would be funny to use their other names. No one has ever objected to being called by those names.”

“Overseas fans use Xia and Junsu and more to call me,” he said. “They call me by many names, such as Xia Junsu, Kim Junsu, Junsu or Xia. Since I’m Xia, I just thought naturally that I should release [the album] as Xia.”

Kim Junsu finished, “I’ve never even changed my signature since my debut. I still use Xia. I never thought much of using the name Xia, so much that the question asking me why I’m using Xia is new to me.”

Kim Junsu (Xia) released his first solo album on May 15, and will hold an exclusive concert from May 19-20.

Photo courtesy of C-JeS Entertainment

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